Tim Baker

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Maker of bows for violin, viola and cello


19 Sandfield Road

Tel: +44 (0) 1865 761558

About Tim

Tim Baker graduated from the Newark School of Violin Making with distinction in 1981, and joined W.E. Hill & Sons where he trained as a bowmaker and repairer. In 1984 he joined J&A Beare Ltd, where his time was divided between bow making, restoration and the study of old bows.

With the encouragement of Charles Beare, Tim has developed a special interest in English bows from 1750 onwards, giving a number of lectures on the subject both in the US and Europe. He was a major contributor to ‘The British Violin’, published by the British Violin Making Association.

In 1992 Tim was invited to join the jury of the bowmaking competition at the Manchester International Cello Festival, and has returned several times, as well as judging competitions in Paris and the USA. More recently, he has been involved with the Oberlin Summer School in Ohio, and in 2006 worked with colleagues to establish a similar professional development course at West Dean College here in the UK.

Since the end of 2000, Tim Baker has worked independently, concentrating on bowmaking whilst retaining a close association with J&A Beare. His bows are strongly influenced by the mid 19th century French makers, in particular the Peccatte School. When making a bow, Tim believes the selection of wood is the single most important consideration. With the right choice of pernambuco, a bow can be made with good playing qualities, which will allow the musician to draw the optimum sound from their instrument. Users of Tims bows include soloists, orchestral and chamber musicians, as well as a number of teachers in leading conservatoires and their students.

An in depth article on Tim Baker was published in ‘The Strad’ magazine in May 2004.