Newsletter Editorial Policy

would you like to write for the BVMA newsletter?


The British Violin Making Association invites articles of the widest scope, size and content on topics that relate to violin making, violin tools, strings, accessories, its history, practice, as well as articles that may be of general interest to members of the association (even ones about music and musicians, allied trades and crafts). If you are in any doubt, please ask. 

 In developing the new colour BVMA newsletter we really wanted to address an important niche in violin publishing. Our friends at The Strad Magazine work within strict editorial parameters, whilst peer-reviewed academic journals (Galpin Society Journal, VSA Papers, etc.) also fail to cater for the specifics of our field. Whether you simply want to highlight a single historic artefact – an eighteenth-century violin peg or a historic bridge with some photos and 100 words of text; or if you want to publish a major work on a maker spanning more than one edition, we would be pleased to discuss your ideas. We are also interested in reviews of new products by third-parties or by the manufacturers themselves. Basically anything responding to the broadest interpretation of the BVMA's remit.  

 If you have a topic that you think should be in the newsletter, but you don’t feel up to writing it yourself, we have a number of people who can take up the task on your behalf. We can be imaginative. 

 Our editorial policy will be as light as possible, making general corrections, only and citations where necessary will be in the author's style. All articles are published at the absolute discretion of the management committee. Please contact the editor ( or the chairman ( with proposals. 

[Small print: We reserve the right to refuse publication on whatever grounds without reason being given. It may be best to communicate with us first before writing an article for submission.]