Roger Hansell

Makers of instruments and fittings 
for violin, viola and cello.


Roger Hansell Violins 
The Violin Making Workshop
Leyburn Business Park
North Yorkshire DL8 5QA

Tel: +44 (0) 1969 624643
Fax: +44 (0) 1969 623048

About Roger

Instruments: Roger Hansell, is a renowned British Luthier. His reputation has developed over many years for the making of exceptional copies of historic instruments. Roger studied Fine Art under Patrick Reyntiens and Cecil Collins at the Central School of Art in London. He was inspired by their teaching which stressed the importance of craftsmanship in art and art in craftsmanship and this principle can be traced throughout his work. He has been based in the market town of Leyburn for over twenty five years.

Roger adores antique instruments by the 'old masters' and never passes up an opportunity to make a close study of one. He also knows, from the experience of his clients and friends, that new 'copies' can be a sensible alternative when old ones may be damaged or tired. From an investment point of view, a faithful copy by a renowned maker can be an attractive idea.

His instruments are owned and played by players based both in the UK and abroad with Mario Tubert, Pavlo Beznosiuk and Moray Welsh being some of his many clients.  

Fittings; Roger Hansell Violin fittings are made under the direction of Georgina Keays, who has many years of experience in every aspect of this work. Fittings are not only used for Roger’s own instruments but also by discerning luthiers and prestigious violin houses all over the world.

Roger feels that fittings on an instrument are crucially important and the set up should never be compromised by a tailpiece, pegs or any other part being of inappropriate size. We will always make exactly the size of tailpiece that is required; this way the sound of an instrument can be at its optimum.