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François Perego's Preparation of wood, varnishing and the study of light (course 3)

Preparation of wood, varnishing and the study of lighta course for violin makers run by François Perego

Course dates:

Three courses will run: 12-18 July 2019, 2-8 August 2019, 23-29 August 2019

This course has been offered since 2006 and is highly valued by French violin makers. In 2019, for the first time it will be made accessible to English speakers, with full interpretation by Marion Pollart. The location of the course is the studio of François Perego at Dinan in Brittany, France.

Over seven days (56 hours), François will cover the theory and practice of preparation and varnishing wood for violin making. Participants will investigate methods using classical materials (particularly focussing on the recreation of historical practice) as well as techniques using modern materials. The course includes the study of the use and effect of light on each stage of the life of an instrument, including evaluation of historical instruments. Seventy percent of the course time is spent on practical work.

All materials will be provided; there will be access to François Perego’s extensive collection of pigments, fillers, binders and additives (historical and modern), as well as spruce and maple test pieces.

François Perego - course tutor - started courses for violin makers in 2005. He was initially approached by Patrick Robin who had felt that his expertise would be valuable to our profession. As well as the courses run from his own studio, he has taught at the violin making schools of Mittenwald and Brienz. His background is in chemistry and painting restoration; he is the author ofDictionnaire des matériaux du peintre, the definitive dictionary in the French language of art materials and techniques.

Marion Pollart - interpreter - studied multidisciplinary translation and conference interpretation at the University of Mons (Belgium), and graduated with distinction. Before starting her studies at the Newark School of Violin Making she translated the Dictum catalogue into French. She will finish the course at NSVM in 2019.

Helen Michetschläger - course administrator - has been a professional violin maker for 40 years and is the author of Violin Varnish - notes and articles from the workshop of Koen Padding.
Location: Hôtel des Chevaliers de Beaumanoir, 1, rue Haute Voie, 22100 Dinan, France

Number of participants: 8 per course


€1350. Book before 31 January 2019 to benefit from the early bird discounted fee of€1280. The course fee excludes accommodation and meals.

For further information and full course details

contact Helen Michetschläger,, 0161 972 0839.