The British Violin Making Association was founded in 1994 as a fellowship of all those interested in and concerned with the violin family in all its aspects. It’s particular concerns are to raise the general standard of skill and expertise of violin and bow makers and restorers, to encourage the dissemination of information among violin and bow makers and restorers, and to promote the skills of violin and bow makers and restorers to the general public. Anyone can be a member if they are interested in our aims, including musicians, amateurs and supporters of music in general, and simply joining and supporting our events helps the BVMA to thrive. Behind every performance and every musician lies the invaluable skills of the violin maker and restorer. As an English-language association our ultimate aims are to be able to provide a central position for violin makers and restorers around the world to share information and benefit from events.

The BVMA is largely run by a volunteer Management Committee (meet the committee) with the help of a professional administrator and newsletter editor. Membership fees go to covering the basic cost of providing four newsletters per year and covering administrational expenses. Our conferences, study days, annual maker’s day exhibition and professional development courses are paid for out of the revenue that each of them earn. We constantly strive to increase the quality of our events, as well as to develop further ways to and this is where your support can help us through practical support or through sponsorship and advertising.


In 2018 we transformed our newsletter from black and white to full-colour providing a platform for practical articles about the history of the violin and evolving restoration and making techniques that sits between traditional magazine articles and peer reviewed journals, providing an invaluable permanent resource for the sharing of knowledge. Newsletter advertising directly pays for additional page length and helps us to take an open-ended view about the size and scope of our quarterly publication.

Write for us

Good articles in our newsletter help us to increase our reputation and prestige, and have a direct influence on sustaining our membership. We are interested in discussing any topic that may be of interest to our membership in the broadest terms. Whilst we would like to attract cutting-edge articles representing the very best of research and expert techniques, we are also interested in sharing the love and passion of our craft, so if there is anything at all, from an eighteenth-century endpin to the work of an eccentric victorian amateur maker that you think deserves a wider audience, we look forward to hearing from you. We particularly encourage showcasing and reviewing new products, but we ask that commercial contributors commit to a period of advertising in return for coverage of their products.

Give us your time

The BVMA Management Committee works on an entirely voluntary basis, and we often need more support in order to make events run smoothly or to develop new ideas. We are very grateful for anyone that is willing to help us in any way, and equally if there is an event or project that you would like the BVMA to develop, we are strongly interested in working together and forming sub-groups outside of the management committee to make a success. The bottom line is that the BVMA is your association, and it is up to all members to keep it moving, dynamic and interesting from year to year. If you think you can give us a couple of hours help at maker’s day, or run an entire new event, please contact


Would you like to sponsor one of our events? We have a large variety of offers available for potential sponsors from supporting a professional quartet to trial instruments at maker’s day to enabling our conferences to be bigger and better. We are also keen to develop exciting new ideas such as product launches and study days that are closely related to our sponsors interests. Please contact

our capital reserve fund

The BVMA has traditionally worked on a policy where it spends what it makes without creating any profit for itself. As of 2019 we are fundraising to build a capital reserve fund that will put us in line with the Charity Commission guidelines for an organisation of our size. This will allow us to take the financial risks involved in taking greater risks on conferences and other events with more confidence to be able to select world-class speakers from around the world. If you are interested in offering ways to help us reach our goal, or can provide professional advice and support to the BVMA please contact

Spread the word

Our lifeblood is our membership. Do you enjoy being a member and think that your colleagues would benefit from the same advantages? The BVMA works hard to be an association for everybody in our field, but it can be difficult for us to communicate our welcome to absolutely everyone who should, particularly makers who have trained or work in different countries. British violin making is an incredible diversity of students coming from across the world to train at our schools, many of whom remain in the UK whilst many of our leading professional makers and restorers trained elsewhere before settling in Britain. As a result there are an enormous number of violin makers and restorers who have a direct relationship with Britain and many more who we hope will benefit from being a part of our worldwide community. Equally, the violin holds such fascination for many that there are people who neither play the violin nor make it who hold a deep interest in the field and whose own background can lead to tremendous informed contributions to the way we understand it. If you are a professor of physics or someone who takes a simple pleasure from making violins in evening classes, there is a place for you in our community. Join us today and spread the word.

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Our extended guidelines for supporters and advertisers can be downloaded from the link below.