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Anna Tummers

After initial training as a violin maker in Cremona, Kaspar Pankow learned bow making in the West Dean workshops (Sussex, England) from 2006 to the present, under the guidance of Tim Baker and Derek Wilson. He has also attended all the Oberlin bow making workshops (Ohio, USA) since 2011 where he has worked alongside some of the best contemporary makers.

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Tim Baker

Tim Baker graduated from the Newark School of Violin Making with distinction in 1981, and joined W.E. Hill & Sons where he trained as a bowmaker and repairer. In 1984 he joined J&A Beare Ltd, where his time was divided between bow making, restoration and the study of old bows.

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Nigel Harris

In 1981 Nigel became a full time violinmaker, and devoted his workshop to the making of new instruments only. Nigel left New Zealand in 1984 and set up his family home and workshop in England and now lives and works in London. To further his research Nigel did a PhD at the Institute of Sound and Vibration Research at Southampton University. His thesis was on the relationship between the shape of the arching curves of violin plates and the tone of the instrument. In 1994 Dr. Harris was joined by Roger Sheldon.

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