William Castle

Violin, viola and cello maker


8 Welsh End
SY13 2NU

Tel: +44 (0) 1948 880608
Email: william@williamcastle.co.uk
Website: www.williamcastle.co.uk

About William

Much of the pleasure I derive from making instruments comes from working in wood. But the greatest thrill, even after more than 20 years, is to hear my instruments being played by a good player, and this gives me much of the impetus to my work.

I aim to produce instruments which have a distinctive character, both visually and more importantly, in the tone.  Whilst making an instrument I find it essential to keep the final sound in mind, as it affects the decisions throughout the creative process, from choosing the wood to the final fitting up.

Some aspects of an instrument, such as the scroll and the cut of the f-holes have little effect on the sound, but contribute much to the overall appearance of the instrument, whose character can be as distinctive as the face of a well-loved friend.

This individuality is a feature of classical Italian instruments which I came to admire when I worked for Geigenbau Machold in Bremen. Whilst there I had the opportunity to work on and study many fine instruments, some of which I use as models for my own work.   Using this experience, whilst drawing together the tonal and visual aspects in my own instruments, is for me, what makes instrument making a special activity.

Most of my instruments are made to look new. However, on some I recreate the patterns of wear which an instrument develops with age. Some people prefer this look, although it has no effect on the sound.

To find out more about my violins, violas an cellos, including small (15 1/2”) violas and 7/8 (lady’s) cellos, as well as my background, prices and photographs, visit my web site.