Roger Sheldon

Maker of concert violins, violas and cellos



Roger,born in 1967, lived as a child in England, South Africa, Canada and Singapore. He read physics at University, was employed variously as a physicist and purveyor of fine wines, but his interest in working with wood lead him to doing a diploma in cabinet making. Roger's love of music and his skill at shaping wood prompted him to make a violin. Nigel heard about this amateur violinmaker, and was so impressed with his cabinet making that he invited him to join his workshop. As expected, Nigel found Roger to be a fast learner, and his background in physics gave him the ability to appreciate fully the scientific basis of the methods already used in the workshop. He has become the inheritor of the Harris method. Roger has taken a lead particularly in the field of varnish development, and has brought his investigations to the point where they are close to recreating the old Cremonese varnish. To prove that the varnish is "the real thing", Roger has started a research project with a university materials science department.