Corrie Schrijver


Cello, and their bows. also historic bowed string instruments and bows.  


Craw Hall,
Cumbria CA8 1TL

Tel: +44 (0) 7714 138963

About Corrie

Born "Cornelia Annigje Schrijver" in 1957 in Arnhem, The Netherlands. Graduated from the full time three year violinmaking/restoring course at the Welsh School of Violin Making, with merit, in 1980.

After gaining experience in Birmingham, she set up workshops near and in Glasgow in 1981, in partnership with Graham Wright. Here she made and restored instruments and bows for professional string players and for students at the RSAMD until November 1997. During this time she also shared the responsibility of maintaining and restoring bows and instruments in the RSAMD collection. In 1988 Corrie was given a grant by the SDA to enable her to work with Brian Tunnicliffe in order to perfect her bow making.

In 1997 she moved down to Bristol to work as head of the violin workshop at Hamilton Caswell's. She set up her own workshop again in Bath in 2000, moving into shop premises on Widcombe Parade, Bath, in 2004.

In 2009 at the BVMA international makers day in London, Corrie's cello was chosen from approximately 30 other "Cellos, by Jonathan Rees of the Cavell Quartet, to be played in that evening's concert. Jonathan, with Corrie's "Cello, received a standing ovation.

In the making of her instruments Corrie has been influenced by the sweeping inward curve of Nicolo Amati's corners, and the contrasting depth of colour of the scroll and plate edges and the rounded, deeply cut volutes of the scrolls as executed by William Forster and Thomas Kennedy.

In order to achieve the warm rounded singing sound she aspires to, Corrie thicknesses the plates in patterns similar to those used by the Amati family.

Her favourite varnish is an oil varnish of an orange brown colour.