Chrisoph Götting

Violin and viola maker with special interest in sound and varnish


Adolfinenstrasse 1
65199 Wiesbaden

Tel: +49 611 36059665
Fax: +49 611 36059664
Mob: +49 17492 70488

About Christoph

After 21 years of restoration of the best antique instruments and 16 years of making experience combined with much varnish research I can offer violins and violas of the 
highest quality with total confidence:

  • first class craftsmanship

  • long term top sound reputation

  • stunningly beautiful ground and varnish

  • positive endorsements from peers and teachers

  • impressive customer list

My instruments have an exceptional sound right from the start and feedback suggests that that the sound improves further, like good wine, year after year.

Because my ground and varnish are in my opinion so near to those that were used by classical makers I feel that my work presents the closest currently available alternative to highly priced antique instruments.

Like the best old instruments, Gotting violins have the true potential to survive generations of musicians and will surely be passed on from one to the next.

To find out more about my violins, violas an cellos, including small (15 1/2”) violas and 7/8 cellos, as well as my background, prices and photographs, visit my website.