The British Violin Making Association produces occasional videos as part of its goals to promote violin making in Britain and worldwide. We also post other videos related to musical instrument colleges and to the craft of violin generally.

A Violin Bow - The Process of creation

Bill Watson, one of the last great bow makers of the W.E. Hill & Sons dynasty on the process of making a bow. In 2016 the BVMA published it’s latest book, The Hill Bow Makers 1880-1960 with an exhibition at the Bate Collection at Oxford University to mark it’s publication. Dawid Gumula and John Milnes produced a ten minute video interviewing Bill Watson and going through the method of bow making developed at W.E.Hill & Sons.

The BVMA-Organised Violin Restoration and Bow Restoration & Making Courses at West Dean

The British Violin Making Association has organised concurrent courses both in violin restoration and in the restoration and making of bows which has been running since 2006. The run every two years for a ten-day period at West Dean College, and bring together some of the worlds leading restorers as tutors on a professional development course intended to raise the standards of restoration in Britain and around the world. John Milnes interviews some of the faculty and students from the 2016 course.

Bow Making and Restoration at West Dean

Tim Baker, Derek Wilson and Evan Orman speak to John Milnes about teaching on the BVMA bow making and restoration course held every two years at West Dean College.

Four Violin Makers at the Royal Northern College of Music

William Castle, Marc Soubeyran, Tibor Szemmelweisz and Kai-Thomas Roth working together over seven days at the Royal College of Music to produce a pair of baroque violins. John Milnes follows their progress.

videos from violin making schools

My fiddle (1935)

The National School for the Music Trades was established in 1916 at the Polytechnic Institute of North London, and is the spiritual grandfather of every instrument making school in Britain today ad survived in various guises until about 2000, most famously as part of London College of Furniture. Visit an evening class from 1935 courtesy of British Pathé.

Newark School of Violin Making 2017 Mannequin Challenge

Visit a moment in time in the third-year workshop at Newark School of Violin Making. Discover more about studying violin making on our full-time course page.

Newark School of Violin Making 2016 Lord Wilton Challenge

To mark the Yehudi Menuhin centenary, students at Newark School of Violin Making were challenged to produce a copy of Menhuin’s beloved “Lord Wilton” Guarneri violin. Proceeds from the sale raised funds for the Trent Chamber Academy, the local amateur orchestra connected to the school. Watch the process of making a violin from beginning to end in ten minutes. Discover more about studying violin making on our full-time course page.

viol making on the West Dean College full-time course

A snapshot introduction into the two-year foundation degree in stringed instrument making at West Dean College. Discover more about studying violin making on our full-time course page.

essential viewing


The stereotype of violin makers has them working a solitary life in sheds at the bottom of the garden. If this is true, there is little wonder that Omopod has become a cult sensation across much of the English speaking world of lutherie. Named for Antonio Stradivari’s unluckiest son, ‘we cover the lives of violin makers, their best parts and worst parts, yesterday and today, historical stories, interviews with experts and makers in the field. Omobono Stradivari was the least liked son of his father, Antonio. He was remembered in Antonio’s will as a screw up. He is our North Star. We are all part of this. We all belong exactly here.


The Glories of Venice

The London Cello Society in association with Bromptons provided a celebration of great Venetian cellos in 2018. Follow the link below to discover the Goffriller, Montagnana and Sanctus Seraphin cellos being played up close. Essential viewing for anyone seeking to understand these instruments.


scrapheap orchestra

Third-World township orchestras improvise when regular instruments aren’t available, so what would a group of western musical instrument makers do when tasked with the challenge of making an entire symphony orchestra from scrap? How would musicians react? Members of the British Violin Making Association teamed up with other instrument makers to face the challenge. First aired on BBC3 in December 2011.